Feel your health from Life Science Japan

For Corporate Customers, the OEM service is available.

Our policy is to use scientific data to create formulas of quality raw materials and to deliver fairly-priced products that will make customers feel the difference. Our company discloses 100% of the raw material and ingredient information of our products. For corporate customers, we provide quality OEM services with quick turn-around time in small lots at low prices to help manufacture your products.

Business Outline

  • Our products and how to purchase

    We offer a variety of products including products containing middle-molecule chitosan, black vinegar powder and blueberry. You can order online to purchase our products.

  • Health column of Life Sciences Japan commissioned the production of chitin chitosan and health foods

  • Become a Distributor

    Would you like to sell our products including chitosan-related items? Valuable information is available for members only.