To Corporate Customers (OEM services)

Life Science Japan - Your trusted Original Equipment Manufacturer for health food products - You can count on us!

With the demand for more diverse and specialized chemicals is increasing in the market, it is required for a manufacturer to meet the need for more complex chemical reactions. Life Science Japan has technologies and expertise acquired through years of experiences and extensive facilities with equipment capable of all kinds of chemical reactions to meet your needs.

●Short turn-around time, small lot production, low price for products that you envision.

●Available in soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets and granules. Bulk-only supply is also available.

●Any raw material used in our health foods is available for sale. You can count on us for health food OEM!

Steps from Placing an Order to Delivery

Step1 Meeting/Consultation

We discuss the product concept (material/formula/dosage form), expected production volume and packaging with you.

Step2 Proposal of Dosage Form and Formula

Based on the consultation on Step 1, we will propose a dosage form and formula. Upon your approval, we will proceed to the next step.

Step3 Quote

We will provide a quote for your review. To place an order, please issue a Purchase Order.

Step4 Issuance of an Order Confirmation

We issue an order Confirmation. The customer is requested to specify the “Product Name,” and provide data for the logo and package design, if any, in Illustrator format via email.

Step5 Delivery of a Proof for the Package and Label

We provide a proof printing for the package and label. Please inform us if any changes should be made.

Step6 Release of documents and data related to the materials/products

We will return all materials you provided to us. We will provide data and documents on the OEM health food. Now you have the health food product of your original brand.

The usual turn-around time is approximately 40 days after the issuance of an Order Confirmation.

【Production Lot】
The minimum lot size is 600 units for a product packaged in a 180-capsules bottle. The minimum lot size varies depending on the dosage form and package.

【Prototype (Sample)】
We will produce and deliver a prototype (sample) on request. This comes after our proposal of a formula and dosage form. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for prototype (sample) delivery.

Please don't hesitate to call for information.(TEL:+81-48-864-5036)