About blueberry 4

Today, I will talk about the development history of one of our products, "Hitomi-ni-Genki (Invigorating the Eyes)".

Our blueberry formulation "Hitomi-ni-Genki (Invigorating the Eyes)" was launched in 2001, which was the time when blueberry-based health food began to get popularity. According to our survey on the products available at that time, a majority of the products contained the bilberry extract alone, and it was the time when those combined with lutein began to emerge.

We investigated many literatures including those on bilberry and lutein to develop a draft formula, and prepared a prototype based on the draft formula. The initial one was designed to afford a daily intake of 160 mg, based on the literature information and the bilberry dose used as a medicine in Europe. We asked volunteers to try the prototype, but the result was not so good.

After that, we tried two other prototypes, and finally got "Hitomi-ni-Genki (Invigorating the Eyes)" as it is now. The conclusion drawn from monitor tests was: 200 mg or more of the bilberry extract is required to be taken daily. It was also found that the monitors could feel the effect more quickly when lutein was added. Why don’t we incorporate a component required for the eyes (lutein) and a component to prevent aging of the eyes (astaxanthin) into the formulation? This is how "Hitomi-ni-Genki (Invigorating the Eyes)" was developed.

Even now, I am confident that no other product is balanced better than this product.