Black vinegar soft capsule formulation ”Black vinegar brewed in vat”

Price:1,600 yen (tax not included)

■ Recommended serving: 2 capsules per day

■ Content:62 capsules

【The product is recommended for】

● Those who are diet-conscious 

● Those with irregular eating habits

● Those who dislike the taste of black vinegar and garlic

【Ingredients:per 430mg capsule】

Names of Raw Materials Amount of ingredients per capsule Amount of ingredients per 2 capsules
Black vinegar powder [10X-conc.] (*1) 100 mg 200 mg
Citric acid 60 mg 120 mg
Garlic oil (*2) 1 mg 2 mg
Soy lecithin 5 mg 10 mg
Caramel 3.5 mg 7 mg
Yellow beeswax 50 mg 100 mg
Soybean oil 210.5 mg 421 mg

*”Amount of ingredients” above refer to the amounts used to make the product at the time of manufacturing.

【Encapsulation material:per 190mg capsule】

Gelatin 141 mg Glycerine 49 mg

≪Information about the raw materials used≫

*1 Black vinegar powder [10X-conc.]
●Black vinegar production began 200 years ago in Fukuyama-cho, Kagoshima Prefecture, where the climate is mild throughout the year. Utilizing bountiful rice and quality underground water, the ingredients are aged outdoor over a year in a Satsuma porcelain vat called Aman-Tsubo. The Aman-Tsubo vat contains microbes required for fermentation, in which the ingredients undergo the following three natural processes concurrently:

Oxidation ⇒ Alcohol fermentation ⇒ Acetate fermentation

This rare method produces ultimate natural black vinegar.

●The ingredients do not include “moromi-mash” which is low in nutrients. We use black vinegar powder, a 10x concentrate of the commonly consumed liquid black vinegar.

*2 Garlic oil
●We use garlic oil as it contains more allicin, the active ingredient of garlic, than garlic essence.

≪Nutrition information:per 620mg capsule≫

Nutrition facts Amount per capsule
Energy 3.60 kcal
Protein 131.34 mg
Lipid 267.51 mg
Carbohydrate 118.82 mg
Sodium 0.45 mg

≪Amino acid composition≫

Amino acid Amount per capsule(mg) Amount per bag(mg)
Arginine 11.84 734.08
Lysine 7.06 437.72
Histidine 0.88 54.56
Phenylalanine 3.17 196.54
Tyrosine 0.75 46.50
Leucine 4.84 300.08
Isoleucine 2.11 130.82
Methionine 0.99 61.38
Valine 4.52 280.24
Alanine 13.29 823.98
Glycine 29.61 1835.82
Proline 35.98 2230.76
Glutamic acid 15.44 957.28
Serine 5.13 318.06
Threonine 3.17 196.54
Asparagine acid 8.38 519.56
Cystine 0.13 8.06