Blueberry soft capsule formulation “Invigorating Eye”

Price:3,200 yen (tax not included)

■ Recommended serving: 3 capsules per day

■ Content:60 capsules

【The product is recommended for】

● Those who strain their eyes at work such as working with PC or driving cars

● Those who are experiencing difficulty in reading newspapers and books

【Ingredients:per 270mg capsule】

Names of Raw Materials Amount of ingredients per capsule Amount of ingredients per 3 capsules
Bilberry extract powder*1
(Anthocyanin 36% or more)
(25.2mg as anthocyanin)
(75.6mg as anthocyanin)
Haematococcus algae extract*2
(Including astaxanthin 5%)
(0.75mg as astaxanthin)
(2.25mg as astaxanthin)
Marigold extract*3
(including 20% lutein)
(2mg as lutein)
(6mg as lutein)
Rutin(40%)*4 5mg
(2mg as rutin)
(6mg as rutin)
β-Carotene(20%) 1.75mg
(0.35mg as β-carotene)
(1.05mg as β-carotene)
Snow salt*5 20mg 60mg
Vitamin C 20mg 60mg
Natural Vitamin E(67%) 10mg
(6.7mg as Vitamin E)
(20.1mg as Vitamin E)
Vitamin B1 1mg 3mg
Vitamin B2 1mg 3mg
Vitamin B6 1mg 3mg
Vitamin B12 5μg 15μg
Perilla oil(Coleus barbatus oil) 98.245mg 294.735mg
Yellow beeswax 17mg 51mg

*”Amount of ingredients” refer to the amount used to make the product at the time of manufacturing.

【Encapsulation materials:per 150mg capsule】

Gelatin 111mg  Glycerine 39mg

≪Information about the raw materials used≫

*1 Bilberry extract powder
●Bilberry extract powder (160mg a day) is used as a medicine to treat myopia and eye strain in Italy and France.

*2 Astaxanthin
●A natural carotenoid pigment extracted from Haematococcus algae. A red pigment contained in salmon, salmon roe, shrimp and crab.

*3 Lutein
●A lipophilic pigment extracted from marigold

*4 Rutin
●A type of bioflavonoid contained in Japanese buckwheat

*4 Snow salt
●Powder salt made from ground sea water pumped out from the Miyakojima. Special production methods allows “bittern” to be retained. Certified by Guinness World Records in August 2000 as the salt containing the world’s largest variety of minerals.
Manufactured by Paradise Plan

≪Nutrition information:per 420mg capsule≫

Nutrition facts Amount per capsule
Energy 2.26 kcal
Protein 96.59 mg
Lipid 154.52 mg
Carbohydrate 122.85 mg
Sodium 6.32 mg