Chitin-base drink formulation “Exciting Dream”

Price:11,429 yen (tax not included)

■ Recommended serving:1 bottle per day 

■ Content:50ml x 10 bottles x 3 cartons

【The product is recommended for】

● Those who have early signs of a cold

● Those who are extremely tired

【Ingredients:per 50mL bottle 】

Names of Raw Materials Amount of Ingredients per bottle
Chitin oligosaccharide(*2) 1000.0mg
Chitosan oligosaccharide(*3) 200.0mg
Dried powdery royal jelly 100.0mg
Erythritol 5500.0mg
Reduced malt sugar starch syrup 4000.0mg
Isomaltooligosaccharide 3500.0mg
Calcium lactate 200.0mg
Vitamin C 100.0mg
Vitamin B1 1.0mg
Vitamin B6 5.0mg
Water-soluble Vitamin E 0.5mg
(as Vitamin E)
Citric acid 100.0mg
DL-malic acid 90.0mg
Flavor 120.0mg

*No artificial preservatives, artificial colorants, alcohol or caffeine are used.

*”Ingredient amount” above refer to the amounts used to make the product at the time of manufacturing.

≪Information about the raw materials used≫

*1 Chitin oligosaccharide
●A mixture of N-acetyl glucosamine that varies from 2 to 6 units
●It consists of 45% N-acetyl glucosamine,Chitin oligosaccharide at 55%

*2 Chitosan oligosaccharide
●Also known as oligoglucosamine, a mixture of D-glucosamine that varies from 2 to 10 units long

≪Nutrition information:per 50mL bottle≫

Nutrition facts Amount per bottle
Energy 49.1 kcal
Protein 0.49 g
Lipid 0 g
Carbohydrate 11.80 g
Sodium 2.10 mg