Chitosan soft capsule formulation “Dream”

Price:2,800 yen (tax not included)

■ Recommended serving: 6 capsules per day

■ Content:90 capsules

【The product is recommended for】
● Those who are experiencing a decline in physical power and health, such as being more susceptible to a cold, having a hard time getting up in the morning, or having a lowered alcohol tolerance than before

● Those who often dine out and have irregular eating habits

● Stressed-out individuals

【Ingredients:per 320mg capsule】

Names of Raw Materials Amount of ingredients per capsule Amount of ingredients per 6 capsules
Middle-molecular chitosan(*1) 60.00mg 360.00mg
Chitin oligosaccharide(*2) 10.00mg 60.00mg
Chitosan oligosaccharide(*3) 10.00mg 60.00mg
Crab shell powder 10.00mg 60.00mg
Soybean lecithin 33.25mg 199.50mg
Rakanka extract powder 20.00mg 120.00mg
Odorless garlic extract powder 7.00mg 42.00mg
γ-Orizanol 5.00mg 30.00mg
β-Carotene(30%) 3.00mg(0.90mg as β-Carotene) 18.00mg(5.40mg as β-Carotene)
Vitamin B1 5.00mg 30.00mg
Vitamin B2 0.50mg 3.00mg
Vitamin B6 5.00mg 30.00mg
Vitamin B12 0.05mg 0.30mg
Vitamin C 8.00mg 48.00mg
Natural Vitamin E(70%) 7.20mg(5.04mg as Vitamin E) 43.20mg(30.24mg as Vitamin E)
Evening primrose oil 40.00mg 240.00mg
Perilla oil (Coleus barbatus oil) 82.00mg 492.00mg
Yellow beeswax 7.00mg 42.00mg
Glycerine fatty acid ester 7.00mg 42.00mg

*”Amount of ingredients” above refer to the amount used to make the product at the time of manufacturing.

【Encapsulation material:per 190mg capsule】

Gelatin 140mg Glycerine 50mg

≪Information about the raw materials used≫

*1 Middle-molecular chitosan
●Molecular weight 70,000 to 90,000
●Deacetylation rate 90%(Chitosan is made from chitin. Deacetylation rate 90% means that 90% chitosan and the remaining 10% is chitin.)

*2 Chitin oligosaccharide
●A mixture of N-acetyl glucosamine that varies from 2 to 6 units
●Consisting of 45% N-acetyl glucosamine and 55% chitin oligosaccharide

*3 Chitosan oligosaccharide
●Also known as oligoglucosamine, a mixture of D-glucosamine that varies from 2 to 10 units long

≪Nutrition information:per 510mg capsule≫

Nutrition facts Amount per capsule
Energy 3.00 kcal
Protein 0.189 g
Lipid 0.185 g
Carbohydrate 0.06 g
Dietary fiber 0.051 g
Sodium 0.676 mg