Stories of Chitosan 12

When I searched on the internet, I found out another thing. That is the much-hyped mushroom chitosan.

I went through every one of the websites on mushroom chitosan, but I could not understand how it is different from ordinary chitosan. One website said that mushroom chitosan is rich in β-glucan. To be exact, β-glucan in mushroom is β-1,3-glucan or so called curdlan, which is used as a sales pitch for Agaricus.

Because of its water-solubility, β-1,3-glucan should be removed during the production process of chitosan. Anyway, I am not exactly sure what mushroom chitosan really is. If anyone knows, please let me know.

*β-1,3- glucan is a glucan composed of D-glucose units linked by β 1→3 bonds. To put it simply, it is a chain of glucose.

*To add, chitosan is β-1,4-aminoglucan, which links a number of units of aminoglucan (D-glucosamine) by β 1→4 bonds. We have talked about this many times.