Stories of Chitosan 7

Today, we are going to talk about our main subject: middle-moleculer chitosan.

To review so far, the molecular weight of high-molecular chitosan exceeds 1 million and is water insoluble. It serves no other function except as dietary fiber. The material is good for weight-control products.

Low-molecular chitosan, on the other hand, refers to so-called “chitosan oligosaccharide”, and is soluble in water. It reportedly possesses a number of benefits for our bodies including high immunostimulatory activity (immunoenhancing effect). A drawback is its high price.

Now, the molecular weight of middle-molecular chitosan lies between that of high-molecular chitosan and that of low-molecular chitosan. We use a molecular weight ranging from 70,000 to 90,000 in our products “Dream” and “Full of Dream.” Middle-molecular chitosan has combined benefits of both high-molecular chitosan and low-molecular chitosan. More specifically, it retains the dietary fiber function and also serves beneficial functions such as immunostimulatory activity.

Middle-molecular chitosan is insoluble in water. After taking it for 2 weeks to 1 month, the chitosan is partly degraded by intestinal bacteria and is absorbed as chitosan oligosaccharide. This is the property carried over from low-molecular chitosan.

Based on previous experiences and data, we found the optimized combination of middle-molecular chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide, chitin oligosaccharide and crab shell powder. In particular, middle-molecular chitosan has been used and continued to be popular for more than 20 years. The chitosan boom may be gone more than a decade ago. However, we are grateful for the loyal customers who continue to love chitosan products and support the sales.