Stories of Chitosan 5

High-molecular chitosan usually has a molecular weight of 1 million or more. How are the molecular weights measured? First, accurately weigh a set amount of chitosan. Prepare an acidic solution at a specific concentration. Add the weighed chitosan to the solution to completely dissolve. The higher the molecular weight of chitosan is, the more viscous the solution becomes. You can determine the molecular weight of the substance by measuring the viscosity.

By referring to a correlation table between viscosity and molecular weight, you can tell the molecular weight of any given substance from its viscosity.

As you know, when oil is added to a chitosan solution and stirred to mix, lo and behold, chitosan and oil solidify. I am sure you have seen the picture somewhere. Yes, it is the signature picture to advertise a chitosan diet, which was popular a while ago. The picture was taken with high-molecular chitosan.

The molecular weight of high-molecular chitosan is too high to be absorbed by the body. It serves as a dietary fiber, but I think it is a waste to consume something that is not absorbed and just excreted. Don’t you think?